How to make money with Paid-to-Click (PTC) sites?

Make Money

Reality Check at first

There are no reliable GetRichFastPTC-type of PTC-sites promising that you will be rich quickly. If some PTC-site offers for example $1+/click,  it's most likely a scam (with the exception of PaidVerts where you can get several hundred dollars from a single click but it differs from "traditionals" ptc-sites. PaidVerts' model is based on so called Bonus Ad Points.
You should keep in mind, as life in general, if something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. 

If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.

Starting without investment

In order to be semi-ok - successful in PTC business as a member you have to first gather enough money (if you don't want to add your own money into account's balance), often $0,60 ..yes, 60 cents is enough for you to get three rented referrals (rates and numbers may vary and every sites don't offer rented referrals option; about this more below) for 30 days. This is taking about week or two. After that you will be credited from these rented referrals' clicks and of course, also from direct referrals as well if you have those. Clicking is not the only way to earn on most sites; they also offer tasks, paid surveys, contests and so on.

Recycling of rented referrals

If your rented referrals turns out to be inactive or they just don't click enough you wanted you can recycle them. Recycle price is often 7 cents but this varies between sites but not very much. Upgrading an account often will lower the recycling price.

Extending the time of rented referrals

You can extend your rented referrals rental period whenever you want. Usually long rental time includes some kind of discount (from 60 days up to 240 days but this may vary).

AutoPay (for rented referrals)

AutoPay is one way to extend your referrals automatically. If you have AutoPay enabled you will pay to keep that referral for an extra day and you will save 15% of a whole month's rent this way.
You should keep in mind that AutoPay is only triggered for referrals that have 20+ days left until the next payment so if you want to take full advantage of it, you should keep always 20+ days rental time left for each rented referrals.

Get Cash Online

What should be noted?

Pay attention on every sites Terms and Conditions as they differ for each other. Most of the sites requires clicks in order to get next day's credits (cash) from rented referrals and from direct referrals clicks so you should be active every day or as often as possible and you should be aware that server time varies between PTC-sites.
Usually PTC-sites allows only one account per household (IP-address) so don't login at school, work or use any kind of Proxy or VPN. Your account may be rejected and you may not be able to register into that site ever again.

$  $  $

PTC-sites promotions

PTC-Sites Promotions
Check PTC-sites promotions: from time to time PTC-sites offers some really good promotions that you should take advantage of them. You can get discounts on upgrading or (more) discounts on renew rented referrals rental periods.

$  $  $

The #1 Recommended PTC-site

The first recommended ptc-site is by far the best and most reliable as it has been online since 2008 without any major problems.

It's NeoBux  (often called as King of PTC for a reason) and it has instant cashouts and you can use PayPal, Payza, Neteller or Skrill to money transfers. The minimum cashout is $2.00 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.

NeoBux's has a very professional Portuguese admin, Fernando and the site is owned by the company NEODEV LDA.

The site has an active and helpful forum (ask tips and help there if you need).

And of course the site has also mini jobs opportunity (watch videos, play free games, complete surveys, complete tasks etc.). You earn NeoCoins (internal NeoBux currency) from these and they can be converted into real cash. These are nice addition to earn extra income other than clicking daily available ads.


Tips to optimize earnings - NeoBux strategy

1. Click ALL your ads every day according to server time.
2. Rent some referrals if you can afford it.
3. Get some direct referrals (after you have meet the requirements).
4. Manage your referrals smartly (e.g. extending your referrals for as long as possible, keep details stats etc.).
5. Consider buying any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it - to greatly grow your earns.
6. Complete some mini jobs if you can. This is a great source of extra earnings.
7. Click additional ad exposures and earn Points (can be used for internal services) and win prizes on AdPrize.
8. Repeat the above cycle.

Slowly but surly you will grow your account and start to make money on NeoBux.

You are now on your way to earning money on the King of PTC - NeoBux.

And again; follow NeoBux forum and learn from experienced users. The forum has lots of tips and guides. And when you copy someone long-term successful user's "recipe" you can not, at least not much go wrong!


PTC-sites with no rented referral option

There are also sites which don't offer rented referral option. These are actually GPT-sites (Get Paid To sites). As an example ClixSense and SuccessBux but they accepts direct referrals.

ClixSense provides up to 8 levels direct referrals program.

I'm going to give a truthful information now:
As you can not end up with anyone's rented referral, I much appreciate if you are going to create an account to ClixSense or SuccessBux you would create your account through the ClixSense link(s) or SuccessBux link(s) or their banner(s) you may find on this site. It sure would be beneficial to me but it's not anything away from you and it certainly doesn't harm you in any way.



Clicking Money

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